Fun Facts About The Couple

The Groom

  • Sahil can rap to JayZ and groove to the hottest techno music in town, but is also a closet Ghulam Ali fan.
  • Sahil once played the protagonist in a slapstick play called Rowdy Romeo wherein he had 3 lovers simultaneously. Of course, in reality he exhibits a different character altogether – a Gentleman Sportsman Awardee in school for being a gentleman, even in a brawling sports environment.
  • Looking at Sahil, you instantly get an impression of effortless style and poise. So handsome, so chic. But you won’t boast a similar experience if you put Dark Chocolate gelato in front of him…
  • Sahil is our very own in-house Forrest Gump. Chasing after Arushi was not the first time he ran for miles without breaking a sweat.
  • Sahil’s immediate ability to connect with people and to be convincing with his logical arguments is enviable. If you’re lucky, you will see these skills at work in conversation with club bouncers for late night entry…

The Bride

  • Arushi learned how to sing before she could even talk. Her first song was ‘Jumma chumma de de’, and her latest songs can be found on Apple Music, in an album called Wanderlust
  • The age-old battle among the Chopra siblings, regarding the title of ‘best child’ continues. Parth had a head-start, when he showered Arushi with ‘liquid love’ the first time she met him. But Arushi had her revenge by dressing him up as a new character every day through his childhood - a rabbit, a puppet, a pony, a cat..
  • Arushi’s looong list of ‘best friends’ is testimony to her infinite capacity to connect, care and make everyone feel special
  • Unlike Sahil, Arushi’s strength doesn’t lie on the basketball court, where she is more likely to injure herself than score. However, she makes up for the lack of hand eye coordination on the field by constantly expanding her impressive collection of mind-taxing board games
  • In the last five years alone, Arushi has worked in over 8 countries and moved more than 20 apartments. She wanders around with exhilaration in her eyes. So it was only natural for her to find a person, instead of a place, to call home